Oh my lj friends! I have forsaken you!

Well, no. It's just that in winter time when I hate to leave the house, I sit by my heat generating computer and read all about your lives and live vicariously through you.

Now it is summer time and I love it!!!! So I only stay at the computer when I have to for work, or when I jump over to facebook. it's a quick hit, wham bam thank you ma'am over there, whereas here is long and involved. I'm in, I'm updated, I'm out. Nice for the summer.

So, rest assured, come the time the snowflakes tumble 9and I don't even want to THINK about that anymore than I just did there) I will be back to reading all your lovely posts. For now, I'd rather listen to the chirp chirp chirp of the crickets.

Nothing personal, you know!


It's tourist season again, but the County has at least raised the legal kill limit to three, so if you're coming intot he area wear something bright and keep low.


I love going to conventions and am thrilled that I have somehow managed to make that part of my home business. Even with all its hassles I love traveling and hotels and getting to be a grown up and not think of school projects or making lunches or supplying girl guide dues for a week.

But oh lord to I hate the oh-my-god-how-am-I-going-to-get-everything-ready-and-there-in-time freak I become the week before the convention. And this time I'm double psycho because I come home from Balticon and 7 days later am off to Omaha for Contagion. Why? Because it sounded doable in the middle of last November!!!!!

Fortunately, I have a very understanding husband who not only puts up with these trips but encourages them, because he know what a refreshed and happy person I am when I come home. Although he did say to me last night, "You know, one convention every month this year is a bit much."

Ya THINK, DiNozzo?

I Live in the Land of Wazgonna

Oh, I have so much to do before this weekend. I have parasols to paint and buttons to make and Thing Two's birthday to prepare for and a front garden to tend and a house to clean and a suitcase to pack and groceries to get and wall trim to paint and and and...

And last night I cut two fingers on my right hand (one being a nice big gash) while opening a canned ham. You know, the kind with those stupid keys that you have to turn and they leave the edges all jagged. I was doing that and it slipped and I swore and headed up to the bathroom for alcohol swabs and gause and band aids. So now most of that stuff I need to do is not possible. I even forget when typing this and have hit the ring fingers on the keys and have winced.

And the worst thing was, I was opening the damn can just to give some of the ham to the cat for dinner since we were out of cat food. My family wasn't even the ones getting the food.

*sigh* stupid stupid stupid.

Now my hope is that it is not infected or anything, as I am going to Seattle next week to work a show on my own. It would not be fun to work a dealers' booth with your primary hand out of commission.

stay tuned for the further adventures of my stupidity.

(why to they still make those dangerous type opening cans anyway?????)

Shiny donation item

To thank the interfilk organization for having them as concert guests, THE BEDLAM BARDS have donated a one-of-a-kind item to the upcoming auction at FilKONtario. The item is sure to interest all Browncoats as it is a framed 18 X 24 BLUE SUN TRAVEL POSTER OF PERSEPHONE SIGNED BY 10 PEOPLE OF THE 'VERSE INCLUDING TIM MINEAR, RON GLASS AND MICHAEL FAIRMAN. The auction will take place at the convention on SATURDAY APRIL 2. Details of the con can be found here:
Count your coin and plan to get bidding!
Persephone Poster

I'm not belittling the situation in Japan...

but I really wish people would stop posting that it's the end of the world and Armageddon and all that. The earth has been doing this for millennia people! The only reason it's a big deal is because humans think we're the most important thing in the universe and live outside of the natural order of things and thus all the destruction and death reins down on us. The world will still turn and the sun will appear to rise tomorrow.

As for the human condition- I'm sure the people living in europe during the black death thought the rapture was at hand as well. Life will move on.

I'm just saying -- all those people posting that the end of days is here...

get over yourselves.

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because it's a good idea:

Please keep the citizens of Japan in your thoughts. They were just hit with an 8.8 quake, followed by a 6.4. The first wave of the Tsunami has hit the coastal region and boats are floating down the streets. For Browncoats who would like to do something to help, please consider the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. ~Christine

well, duh!

I like how live journal keeps sending me emails and messages telling me my birthday is coming up.

Come on, I'm not THAT old that I forget my own birthday!


you'd never know I'm on lj every morning by the lack of posting

facebook is just so much easier to update.

I have lots to expound upon, but by the time i have time to do so, either I don't have the enthusiasm for it anymore, or I realize it would be of no interest to anyone but me.

so consider yourselves lucky I don't post so much :D